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Table of Content
- Never Again
- There Are No Words
A Black Day
- Tempting Faith?
The Delivery
- ‘That Howler Monkey is Kinda Sweet’
The First Year
- Sweet Seventeen
Sixteen Years Later
- Free As a Seagull on the Winds
Her Relationship
- ‘But He is Also Very Sweet’
The Last Year
- Bye Sweetie, Love You. See You Tomorrow
The Last Days
- Not Our Nadine, Not Our Baby
Saturday, December 2, 2006
- Our Worst Nightmare
Sunday, December 3, 2006
- Goodbye, Nadine
The Days After
- What a Miracle That Such a Crowd Can Be So Quiet
The Silent March and the Memorial Service
- This Day Too Shall Pass
The cremation
- Code Red
The reconstruction
- You Are Nowhere, Because You Are Everywhere
Feelings of guilt?
- Inspired By You
How the Nadine Foundation Against Violence came into being
- I Hear You in the Rain
Poems by Jacques
- So Close Yet Beyond Reach - The Truth is Too Horrific
The court case
- We Get a Life Sentence
The verdict
- What You Set Free Will Return to You
Grieving and relationships
- Violence Ends Where Respect Begins
The story of our Foundation
- Do Something With Your Grief
Epilogue by Jacques
Epilogue by Jacqueline
Epilogue by Wanda
Word of thanks

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Short after the launching of her book in 2010, Wanda Beemsterboer had the honner to present it to (former queen) Beatrix. Hereby a Youtube movie of that moment. At a second occasion that Wanda met her, the queen told her that she had read the book and that she was very impressed.

If you want Jacques and/or Wanda Beemsterboer, the parents of Nadine to tell their story, all that happend to their daughter and to them? Send an email to Nadine Foundation and add: Lecture in English with title 'Call You Right Back, Mum'. At every location in The Netherlands. A donation for the work of the Nadine Foundation is required.

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This is the official website (in English) of the Nadine Foundation. The foundation has been founded the 26th of January 2007. After Nadine’s death, Wanda and Jacques find the strength to establish the Nadine Foundation, an organisation that battles against senseless violence and promotes animal welfare. As part of the Foundation’s work, they become guest speakers at schools and community centres. They also provide educational sessions for the inmates of penitentiaries throughout the Netherlands an Belgium. Additionally, they initiate the "Vlinderrots", a monument for victims of violence in the northern province of Holland.

If more information about the Nadine Foundation is required, just click here Written in Dutch


Divers links

The Nadine Foundation, the Nadine OK Run, monument "De Vlinderrots" etc., is also to be found at divers social media, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Just click on the icons beneath:

Educational sessions

ANBI tax rules

Funeral Nadine

Informative links

Poems of Jacques


What has been

Scharwoude, edition ten of the Nadine OK Run, an every year organised running event of the Nadine Foundation. From above, with a drone, you can overlook the track filmed by ADJ Video. If you want to see more pictures of the event, go to the site


Commity of recomendation

Marco Borsato, most succesfull
Dutch singer of all times
Anita Witzier, TV anchor
Fred Teeven, former member
House of Parliament
Onno van Veldhuizen,
mayor of Enschede
Frederik de Groot, actor, director
Marjan vd Berg, writer
Merel Westrik, TV anchor
Nadine Broersen, top-atlete
Jose Kok, director "Bears in Mind"
Linda Terpstra, director Fier


Pelgrimage to Lourdes


Just click on the picture above for a video about the pelgrimage

Relatives of victums of crime took part in a pelgrimage-journey to Lourdes in 2016. 13 of them, looked after by professionals, searching for spirituality and devotion. Crew of the TV program called "Kruispunt" (KRO), joined them and made a video-report. Are you a relative of a crime-victum and interesed to join the group to Lourdes en 2017? Just register for the next edition by sending an email to Bianca Roest
The Nadine Foundation is there to support. You can contact Wanda Beemsterboer, on order to provide more information, by email: Nadine Foundation

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Since the launching of the English version of the book "Call You Right Back, Mum", an English website (click on the picture on top) and flyer is available. You can find al relevant info on both places.



Who is Nadine?

Nadine in the city of Maastricht

Nadine Beemsterboer is a sparkling, radiant young girl, very sweet and to top all that, extremely talented. She studies at the Hogeschool Inholland, School for Communication, Media & Music, specialising in Radio and TV. At the age of twenty she’s in her fourth and final year. She’s won two prizes during the Dutch streetdance championship with her team DAZZ 2 IMPRESS.

Her greatest wish? To become famous through dancing or as a presenter on radio or tv and use this fame to promote animal welfare......

On December 2nd 2006 Nadine is murdered by her ex boyfriend.

Her parents, sister, grandmother and - father are distraught. People are outraged and above all very sad. More than a thousand join in for a silent procession. Nadine’s parents, sister and friends want to create a living monument to her. We want this super girl to be seen dancing on the internet, on tv, on wherever else is possible. We have established the Nadine Foundation ''against violence''. The aims of this charitable trust are to make Nadine’s dreams come true:

We want to show Nadine, dancing in the full joy of life, making thereby a powerful statement against violence.

The profits will go to organizations dedicated to preventing violence and promoting animal welfare.

More info you can get by sending an email to: info@nadinefoundation.nl

Daily information is to be read at the facebookpage of the foundation


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Summary "Call You Right Back, Mum"
The second of December 2006 began as an ordinary Saturday for Wanda and Jacques Beemsterboer. As always, Wanda went to the gym whilst Jacques busied himself around the house. That particular day he was constructing new book cases in the living room. Nadine, their youngest daughter, had left for work. Once back from the gym, Wanda passed the time rummaging around the house and waiting for Nadine, who was expected home around a quarter to two. The pair of them had planned to go shopping together.

Then their day takes a drastic turn. That December day in 2006 the world collapses for Wanda, Jacques and their eldest daughter Jacqueline. Nadine’s ex-boyfriend Gerold manages to persuade their daughter to come by for one last visit. He claims to have a parting present and promises not to bother her again afterwards. She drives to his place right after work. Gerold viciously assaults and kills Nadine, inflicting 36 stab wounds with a knife before covering her body with a duvet and, later that day, turning himself in to the police.

In her book Call You Right Back, Mum Wanda Beemsterboer tells the life story of her 20-year old daughter, leading up to her horrific death. Although there are no words to describe her pain, she finds the words somehow. Bringing Nadine to life on the pages, Wanda shows her readers Nadine’s story from the day she was born to that fatal afternoon, when her daughter answered her mother’s call in a hurry and promised: ‘I’ll call you right back, mum’ before ending the call.

Wanda shows us a joyful, naughty child whose happiest day was when she received Jacky, a Foxy Russell pup. And also a girl who loves animals to the extent that she raises funds for mistreated bears and decides to give up eating meat. Nadine grows into a radiant, energetic teenager with a great talent and passion for Street Dance. She excels in her Communication Studies and regularly performs on Dazzling Dance Studio’s show team.

Aged only 17, Nadine meets Gerold in the dance scene they both frequent. He is fourteen years her senior and it appears much later that he did time for violent crime and robberies. Nadine does not put up with anyone speaking ill of her boyfriend. Two years into their relationship, his possessiveness becomes somewhat oppressive, but Nadine insists he is ‘very sweet’. Even after he puts his hands on her and she sustains bruises more than once, she sticks to her opinion. She confides in sister Jacqueline, but mother Wanda remains unaware of the violence. Even during the precious mother-daughter weekends they spend together, Nadine does not confide in her mum.

Eventually, Nadine breaks up with Gerold, which sits ill with him and makes him feel humiliated. From his point of view, his honour has been tainted by her actions. Later he was to declare that he could see in her eyes that she cheated on him, which sealed Nadine’s fate.

Describing her experiences in a raw, unpolished style, Wanda outlines the horror of losing their daughter. Her despair, fathomless grief, disbelief and intolerable pain, but also the strength to survive, all merge into a roller coaster ride of emotions. She discovers that each family member has a different way of grieving, seeing how her husband wrestles down his overpowering emotions by organising the funeral down to the very last detail, pouring his grief into poems and how, for him, coping means the deep-felt need to get back to work as soon as possible… until in the middle of a half marathon he is suddenly running on empty.

In the midst of all this, this family finds the courage and power to follow the reconstruction of the murder, to attend court sessions and to set up the Nadine Foundation. Funded by charity events and the proceeds of this book, the Foundation battles against senseless violence and promotes animal welfare, allowing humans and animals alike to benefit from a sometimes shared healing process, exactly as their daughter would have wanted it. Through these efforts, Nadine still lives on.


The Nadine Foundation

The object of this foundation is to make
Nadine's dreams come true:

- We organize and attend events against violence.
- We act as guest speakers on the topic of senseless violence.
- We organize group- and individual discussions in penitantiary institutions.
- We co-organize Pilgrimages to Lourdes

The Nadine Foundation financially supports great institutions, like for example War Child, Bears in Mind and Fier. The last one is all about young girls who have sufferd of divers kinds of violence. Child prostitution, domestic violence etc. Fier helps these children by offering a loving residence, care, education and more. The good contact the Nadine Foundation underholds with Fier, lead to the foundation of a small farm with several kinds of animals, called Nadines Fiere Farm. Fier named this kind of treatment: AAA = Animal Assisted Activities. We believe, no, we know it works. The official website of Fier, you can find here

You're able to get to know some of the animals at the farm


The Nadine OK Run

Nadine loved sports en especially atletics. She was a fast runner as young as she was. Three years after she was murderd, her father decided to organize a running event and he named it "Nadine OK Run". Nowadays the event welcomes a huge number of compateters, yearly about 600. The event stopped at edition 10 en 2018. A special Youtube movie of the event is available

Photo beneath: The prime minister of The Netherland, Mark Rutte joint in at the distance of 10 kilometers in 2012 and forfilled it within the hour. There is also a website, click right here and maybe you join the run yourself one day!


Right to speak Award

In 2014 Wanda and Jacques Beemsterboer were decorated with a special award, the Right to speak Award. Underneath you'll find a foto of the sculpture


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